Powerful solution to those companies wishing to migrate their systems dependent on IDMS databases


MigrationWare provides a powerful solution to those companies wishing to migrate their systems dependent on IDMS databases, to a relational database alternative, whether DB2, Oracle, SQL Server or any other leading RDBMS.

As with most MigrationWare conversion solutions, the approach to IDMS database migrations free companies from run-time components or “black-box” technology. The migrated application is therefore delivered in a form that positions the company to take full advantage of the native technologies available on the target platform.

Key facts

  • ​Completely automatic translation of application source code.
  • Introduced separation of business logic from data access logic
  • Supports deployment onto both EBCDIC and ASCII
  • No black boxes or run-time dependencies
  • No license or maintenance fees
  • Code Conversion

    In order to reduce the impact on the application being converted the MigrationWare approach seeks to minimise the amount of change required within the business logic by introducing a data access layer that allows for a separation of the old and new data structures.

    Existing data structures that are understood by the application therefore remain unchanged resulting in the program architecture and logic flow likewise remaining unchanged whist all the benefits associated with running against a RDBMS database will accrue to the migrated application.

    The MigrationWare approach to IDMS database migration addresses the complexities associated with concepts that are unique to IDMS and that find no equivalent in the relational database world. Such concepts as DB Keys, sets ordered by next and prior currencies, multimember sets, and area sweeps amongst others are fully dealt with ensuring full compatibility with the IDMS environment and thus ensuring the functional equivalence of the migrated systems.

  • Conversion Process

    The standard MigrationWare offering based on the provision of a conversion service would require the client to deliver to MigrationWare the IDMS database dictionary information plus all related source code which will include programs copybooks and any other related data. MigrationWare would then undertake the conversion of the programs and database structures and achieve an error free clean compiling environment. The converted programs would then be provided to the client for subsequent testing and implementation.

    MigrationWare would remain active in a support role throughout the testing phase should any issues surface that are related to MigrationWare's conversion service.