Provides a solution to any one of the main stream relational DBMS


MigrationWare provides a solution to the migration of Datacom databases to any one of the main stream relational DBMS including SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle for deployment on and off the mainframe. New database structures are derived from existing Datacom record structures automatically considering and reconciling the differences in structure that could lead to incompatibility.

A data access layer is provided that separates the data access from the business logic and reconciles the new relational structure to the previous Datacom record structure. In this way a standardised interface between the business logic layer and data access layer can be provided ensuring that the application logic is not affected by the necessary changes to the database.

Key facts

  • ​Highly automated solution.
  • No runtime dependency or dependencies on “black-box” technology
  • No license and maintenance fees are charged
  • Provides for separation of business logic from data access logic
  • Automatically handles occurring data items, Group level, Redefined data, and multi-record files
  • Targets DB2, SQL Server and Oracle on mainframe or distributed platforms
  • Conversion Process

    The conversion of Datacom will impact programs and databases. The process requires as input all program source code and copybooks.

    With this as input, the conversion process will produce a new version of programs, a new set of DDL and the programs responsible for the migration of data.

    VSAM files may be accessed from Ideal, COBOL and Assembler programs. Typically a conversion of Datacom when it is used in conjunction with Ideal, will entail the conversion of Ideal as well.