Produces equivalent COBOL code with an exceptionally high degree of accuracy


The MigrationWare Mantis conversion solution automatically produces equivalent COBOL code with an exceptionally high degree of accuracy. The conversion process elegantly deals with many of the Mantis nuances that ordinarily find no direct equivalence outside of the Mantis framework. The result is a COBOL environment that produces functionally equivalent results to those produced under Mantis, but does so more efficiently.

MigrationWare’s Mantis conversion technology has been exercised in the course of executing many large scale projects around the world that have resulted in the conversion to COBOL of many thousands of Mantis programs. The technology is thus very mature ensuring that results are produced rapidly and accurately.

The key benefits to be derived from a migration away from Mantis are substantial risk and cost reduction.

Key facts

  • Close to 100% automatic translation
  • Conversion of conversational Mantis to Pseudo Conversational COBOL/CICS
  • Automatically reproduces Mantis like behaviour ensuring seamless integration with other systems
  • Conversion of Supra™ to DB2, Oracle or SQL Server
  • Automatically handles
    • Multi map screens
    • Automatic mapping
    • Prompt screens
    • Printer maps
  • Supports deployment of converted code to both EBCDIC and ASCII environments
  • No black boxes or run-time dependencies
  • No license or maintenance fees
  • Code Conversion

    Online code is converted to Pseudo-conversational COBOL/CICS code that is designed to execute in any COBOL supported environment including the mainframe and open platforms such as Windows, UNIX and Linux.

    The code executes without any MigrationWare runtime dependencies and as a result there are no additional license costs attached to the code maintenance once it’s converted.

    All converted code is delivered in clean-compiling COBOL source code format that is designed to support all Mantis features by means of standard COBOL syntax including complex features such as automatic mapping, dynamic run-time execution and dynamic field attribute allocation amongst others.

  • Database Conversion

    Where Supra™ is being used in conjunction with Mantis, it will be converted to any of the main stream relational databases (RDBMS) which include DB2, Oracle and SQL Server.

    The MigrationWare approach to the conversion of Supra™ would be undertaken against the converted COBOL code and would deal with the conversion of data structures to RDBMS format as well as all references to Supra™ embedded within the COBOL code.

  • Conversion Process

    The standard MigrationWare conversion service would require the client to deliver the Mantis code to be converted to MigrationWare.  MigrationWare would then undertake the conversion of the Mantis code to a clean compiling COBOL program. The converted programs would be provided back to the client for subsequent testing and implementation.

    MigrationWare would remain active in a support role throughout the testing phase should any issues surface that are related to MigrationWare's conversion service.