Converted COBOL program that executes without any run-time dependencies


MigrationWare’s approach to Natural/ADABAS conversions recognises the critical importance of automating the task of language translation and database conversion.

The result is a converted COBOL program that executes without any run-time dependencies whilst producing results which are functionally identical to those produced by the original Natural program.

The structure of the converted program is designed to enhance code readability and hence maintainability. Comments are retained and wherever possible code is structured, indented and spaced logically and succinctly.

Key facts

  • ​Close to 100% automatic translation
  • Conversion to Pseudo-Conversational COBOL/CICS
  • Produces well structured and maintainable code
  • Conversion of ADABAS to DB2, Oracle or SQL Server
  • Automatically handles Branching statements, Control loops, Implicit processing loops, Events and Invocations
  • Supports deployment to both EBCDIC and ASCII
  • No black boxes or run-time dependencies
  • No license or maintenance fees
  • Code Conversion

    The generated COBOL code retains much of the logic flow and structure of the original Natural program. There are however some Natural statements for which a direct equivalent in COBOL is not available. For these statements it is sometimes necessary to introduce code constructs that achieve the same ends but by different means or by leveraging the use of language extensions and platform specific features to deliver more elegant solutions to some of the more obtuse program language compatibility problems. All of these are addressed within the scope of the MigrationWare automation tooling without the need to revert to manual means of conversion.

  • Database Conversion

    Natural programs are most often found to exist together with ADABAS databases. When converting Natural to COBOL the conversion of ADABAS is also an option. However, this is not mandatory as ADABAS can equally coexist with COBOL.

    When converting ADABAS to a relational database alternative, the most critical aspect revolves around ensuring that the database is converted to a normalised relational database and that the application interface layer is made to recognise these changes to database structure.

    This is best accomplished by means of the introduction of a logical record structure, which represents the existing view of the database held by the natural program. All database interaction is undertaken by purpose built database I/O modules that bridge the gap between the program’s logical record structure and the physical database implementation.

  • Conversion Process

    The standard approach entails MigrationWare delivering a conversion service that will require a client (or partner) to deliver all applicable code, including program source code and database definitions to MigrationWare. MigrationWare would then undertake the conversion of the program code and database DDL to the required target format. The clean compiling converted programs as well as the new database DDL and data migration programs would be delivered to the client for testing and implementation.

    MigrationWare would remain active in a support role throughout the testing phase should any issues surface that are related to MigrationWare's conversion service.