Achieve exceptionally high rates of accuracy


The MigrationWare VisualAgeGenerator (VAGen) and Cross Platform System (CSP) conversion solution service enables automated application conversion from these two legacy languages into COBOL/CICS.

The solution is one of MigrationWare’s flagship products and has been used by clients around the globe to convert thousands of VAGen programs and programs written in its precursor language, CSP, into COBOL and CICS.

The VAGen and CSP conversion tools achieve exceptionally high rates of accuracy through an automated conversion process.

Key facts

  • ​Close to 100% automatic translation
  • All converted code is delivered in COBOL source code format which is designed to support all CSP and VAGen features by means of standard COBOL syntax
  • All CSP and VAGen programs are converted to COBOL/CICS and these are structured to either run in conversational or Pseudo-conversational modes of execution
  • The solution has no black boxes or run-time dependencies, removing additional licences fees
  • Supports deployment onto both EBCDIC and ASCII environments
  • No license or maintenance fees

  • Code Conversion

    The converted code is designed to execute in any COBOL supported environment (including the mainframe and all open platforms). The MigrationWare solution produces code that is flexible and maintainable, positioning your organisation to align development with strategic business objectives.

  • Database Conversion

    The migration to an open technology removes the inherent risk attached to the use of proprietary technology. Once the source code has been converted, technical decisions round the choice database can be made by the client.

  • Conversion Process

    The standard MigrationWare conversion service requires the client to deliver the VAGen or CSP source code to MigrationWare. The VAGen or CSP sources are analysed and correctly formatted input is automatically translated to functionally equivalent COBOL/CICS programs which are delivered to the client as clean compiling programs ready for testing and implementation.

    MigrationWare would remain active in a support role throughout the testing phase should any issues surface that are related to MigrationWare's conversion service.