Powerful solution to those companies wishing to migrate their systems dependent on IDMS databases


The MigrationWare approach to IDMS system migration is unique and provides significant advantages when compared to conventional methodologies.

Whereas conventional methodologies tend to follow the "Native Migration" approach, the Migrationware approach to IDMS migration follows a distinctive approach capable of reducing to weeks projects which would otherwise take months and even years to execute.

The “Native Migration” approach involves converting the IDMS DML code to Embedded SQL and the database from IDMS to its relational DBMS equivalent. The MigrationWare IDMS/RDB approach retains the application in its original form and provides a mechanism that interprets existing IDMS DML requests for data and directs these to a migrated relational DBMS.

With the MigrationWare IDMS/RDB approach, the IDMS application views the migrated database as a true IDMS database in every aspect of behaviour, however the same database is a true relational DBMS and may be accessed externally by means of native SQL without corrupting the database structure that permits it to be views as an IDMS database.

A final point is that MigrationWare IDMS/RDB is a high performing database that in no way compromises that impact of migrating away from IDMS to RDBMS.

Key facts

  • ​Completely automatic translation of application source code.
  • Introduced separation of business logic from data access logic
  • Supports deployment onto both EBCDIC and ASCII
  • No black boxes or run-time dependencies
  • Code Conversion

    The migration of the IDMS database, including both the data and the database structures, to a fully functional relational database is a completely automated process. The migration of the IDMS database requires only the supply of the Schema file to ensure that generation of everything necessary to execute the creation of the target database and the migration of data.

    The application requires little more than a recompliation when migrating as no changes to application source code will be required.

  • Conversion Process

    The standard MigrationWare offering based on the provision of a conversion service would require the client to deliver to MigrationWare the IDMS database dictionary information plus all related source code which will include programs copybooks and any other related data. MigrationWare would then undertake the conversion of the programs and database structures and achieve an error free clean compiling environment. The converted programs would then be provided to the client for subsequent testing and implementation.

    MigrationWare would remain active in a support role throughout the testing phase should any issues surface that are related to MigrationWare's conversion service.