Produces code that is flexible and maintainable


The MigrationWare Easytrieve conversion solution facilitates the translation of application code from Easytrieve to COBOL, eliminating heavy licensing and support costs.

The converted code is designed to execute in any COBOL supported environment including the mainframe and all open platforms. The migration solution therefore produces code that is flexible and maintainable, positioning the organisation to align their systems with strategic business objectives.

Key facts

  • ‚ÄčAll converted code is delivered in COBOL source code format which is designed to support all CA Easytrieve and Easytrieve Plus features by means of standard COBOL syntax
  • Easytrieve reports, data access and other unique Easytrieve data manipulation and storage features are represented
  • Provides conversion support for access to the following databases and file management systems :
    • IMS (DL1)
    • DB2
    • IDMS
    • VSAM
    • QSAM
  • Supports deployment of converted code in both EBCDIC and ASCII environments
  • Code Conversion

    The MigrationWare's Easytrieve conversion solution automatically produces functionally equivalent COBOL code with a high degree of accuracy. The generated COBOL code is intended to be subsequently maintained by the client's own COBOL developers.

    The converted COBOL code also facilitates platform migration and conversions can therefore form part of an extended strategy that may include changes to the platform and operating system.

    Easytrieve may access data from a variety of database management systems and file management systems. The conversion can be made to delivery COBOL code with the equivalent data access statements in place to ensure that the application when executed will produce functional behaviour identical to that of the pre-converted program.

  • Database Conversion

    When converting Easytrieve to COBOL consideration must be given to the database or file system that is used by the program. MigrationWare can at the same time convert the database to an alternative database, in particular when a platform change forms part of the migration initiative. In such cases a relational database that is native to the target environment is often chosen.

  • Conversion Process

    When MigrationWare performs the conversion service, the Easytrieve code is delivered to MigrationWare. The Easytreive applications are automatically converted into clean compiling COBOL applications, which are then returned to the customer for subsequent testing and implementation.

    MigrationWare would remain active in a support role throughout the testing phase should any issues surface that are related to MigrationWare's conversion service.