MigrationWare takes on CXAIR distribution

01 August 2012

MigrationWare takes on CXAIR distribution

MigrationWare, the systems migration and modernisation company, has recently taken on the distribution of CXAIR, and in so doing, entered the business intelligence (BI) modernisation space.

MigrationWare, the systems migration and modernisation company, has recently taken on the distribution of CXAIR, and in so doing, entered the business intelligence (BI) modernisation space.

In choosing to take on the distribution responsibilities for CXAIR, MigrationWare began by first searching the market for products which were synergistic with its existing focus on system modernisation. This focus means that MigrationWare looks to deliver solutions that bring existing systems into the age of modern technology, enabling them to take advantage of the advanced technologies which are driving many businesses today.

In the world of BI, CXAIR turned out to be just such a product. A product that distinguishes itself by the way it accomplishes its tasks with absolute elegance and simplicity. CXAIR achieves this by introducing search technology into the business intelligence environment, something it achieves through adopting the well established Lucene open source search technology.

Being based on a Web search engine means that users are able to satisfy their own analytical needs by applying skills which they have acquired through the everyday use of the Internet. This “self-service” approach to BI means that users are much less reliant on expert IT skills and can therefore much more easily satisfy their own information requirements without delays.

MigrationWare also considered the endorsements which CXAIR has received from the likes of Butler and Bloor Research. According to Butler, CXAIR is “one of the most productive BI tools we have assessed, and it does not end there, it also has the distinction of being incredibly fast, something which ought not to come as any surprise, given its search technology foundations”.

“If we were to take on the distribution of a new product in a market that is already well represented, it was critical that it be a product capable of bringing something distinctive and new to the table. In CXAIR, we are confident that we have found just such a product,” said Mark Cooper, MigrationWare CEO.

“We did not want to go head to head with existing products in the BI space,” said Mark Cooper. “Instead, in CXAIR, we believe that we have something sufficiently different that it can either stand on its own or work alongside other more traditional BI products.”

Flexibility is another key attribute. CXAIR will work with all the most commonly used databases, CSV formats and spreadsheets as well as unstructured data held in documents and e-mails. Because of its unique architecture, CXAIR has proved it can be used in a variety of ways, for example, as a data discovery and/or a prototyping tool, in addition to the more traditional querying and reporting capabilities expected of all BI products.

It is also worth mentioning the clear benefits that CXAIR has by using the fast evolving capabilities of Lucene search technology, as Lucene is already established as a leading search engine, so these improvements and developments will feed directly into CXAIR providing direct benefits to CXAIR users.

“In choosing MigrationWare as our distribution partner in South Africa, we were looking for a well established and well respected company which was passionate about taking new, innovative solutions to its customers in the BI space,” said Chris Finch, Sales & Marketing Director at Connexica.


MigrationWare specialises in modernising systems and aging IT infrastructure by transforming and extending existing IT assets to contemporary, open, and cost-effective platforms. MigrationWare is Connexica’s distributor in South Africa.


Connexica was established in 2006 and is a privately-owned company. The technology is used in a number of industries, including retail and local government.